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Seeking volunteers

Swop Shop is currently seeking fashion-minded volunteers with a passion for sustainability. This position will give you the chance to develop your understanding of materials, quality, and fashion, as well as gain insight into an atypical local sustainability initiative.


Most of your duties will involve the evaluation process of incoming items, which forms the backbone of our business. By only accepting quality items, we ensure that our customers receive a good and varied selection. We determine value based on material, quality, and cultural capital (e.g. vintage, rare prints, visual interest, etc.), rather than on brand names alone. Many of our customers prefer to use English, so we would prefer volunteers who can speak both English and Swedish.


  • Evaluating, approving, and tagging incoming items

  • Restocking items on the floor

  • Sorting inventory

  • 5–10 hours/week


  • 50% discount on the swopping fee for every 6th hour of work.

  • First dibs on new arrivals

  • Gain experience with and knowledge about fashion, quality control, and small business practices


Our ideal volunteers will be service-oriented individuals with a strong work ethic, communication skills, and a keen sense for high quality clothing and fashion. They must be comfortable working both in teams and independently.

We prefer individuals with:

  • An ability to work well independently and in a team

  • A sociable personality (i.e. people who enjoy being around other people)

  • Swedish and English (speaking abilities) 

  • Knowledge of fashion and vintage clothing


If interested, please send an email to info(at) with your CV, references, and a brief statement.

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